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 Trophies are back!They randomly appear during gameplay or you can get them by playing the coin blaster mini game,but you need SmashPoopCoins ,blast trophies to get them and blast groups of enemies to get Stickers ,sometimes a missel appears,shoot it cause if you get hit by one you will loose 5 coins,if you fill the bar you ALOT of trophies will appear. :

In the trophy gallery/sticker album you can check trophies/stickers by ABC Order,By Favorites (Ya you can favorite trophies too),or by youtube poop serries.You can ever take photos of your trophies or trophies!Like this (For Stickers):


Trophy Types

Also,each assist tophy/pokemon has  his/her own trophy/sticker and aslo items,adventre mode bosses/characters have their own trophies/stickers too!! (But im not going to add them on the list) and each character has 4 types of trophies:


 (Each expansion character you buy come with his own 4 trophies and with his/her own sticker!!!)




 Normal Trophy:You get by finishing Classic Mode with that character.

 B/B Side Trophy:You get by finishing Classic Tournament Mode with that character.

 B Down/B Up Trophy:You get by finishing All-Star Mode with that character.

 Final Smash Trophy:You get by finishing Boss Battles Mode with that character.

Each playable character also has a sticker of him/her/,B,B Side,B Down,B Up, and Final Smash (All seperate) but you'll randomly get those.

The B/B Side Trophies and B Down Trohpies description tell you about the moves and where they are from and the final smash trophies tell yuo about it and from where its from too etc.

Trophy Hoard


There is also a Trophy Hoard in Clash (And the one with the stickers too),but in Clash you can have up to 10 trophies out at once (Speaking of 10,you can save replays with up to 10 minutes per replay too).And there are alot more backgrounds too!You can also make trophies float in the air,overlap,and resize them too.Im sure with all those new features you can be a little bit more creative!!You can take a spapshot of your creations too of course.Hmm..looks like Weegee and Malleo are having a staring contest again,but they are armed this time!With Mudkip and Spaghetti!!!.....what?The moon joined the contest too???

Trophies I Made

I made a few trophies and there are on these videos:




Go o the Trophy Gallery for more!

Trophy/Sticker List

Super Smash Poop Project:

4 Piece Smashball SmashBall Assist TrophyTarget  SandBag
 Multiman Brawlers Multiman Meleers Multiman ClashersTabuu Master Hand
 Crazy Hand Tabuu YTP Power REC. Mr.Mobile 

 Hotel Mario Serries:

 Spaghetti Toast Toaster Enlocsed Instruction Book Gay Luigi
 Malleo Bros Yushee Koopalings Hotels 1 Eye Orange Mario
 Hotel Mario Booklet    

  SMW Serries (Incloding Super Mario Bros Super Show/The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 Trophies):

 Yoshi Egg Dinosaurs King Koopa's Castle Stone Football Bagel
 Yoshis Cave Men Rock TV Dinos Cave Girls
 Cave People Dino Coins Real Mario Real Luigi Milli Vanilli
 Blocks SMBSS Mario Face Doomship Para Leaves Koopa
 Mario Forms Mario Power-ups Mario and Yoshi King Koopa's Castle Clown Coppter
 3 Eye Blue Luigi   

 Mario Serries


 King Boo Boos Goomba Koopa Pirhana Plant
 Bob-Omb Pipe Hammer Bro Blooper Cheep Cheep
 Lakitu Spiny Eggs Pokey Chain Chomp Bullet Bill
 Rosilina Dry Bones Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Daisy
 Baby Peach Toadette Toadsworth Paintas Dry Bowser


 Zelda Serries:

 Lampoil Rope Bombs Skull Ax Rupees
 Dinner Blaster Munf Munf King (+Kart) Magical Fingerz Pregnant Zelda and Impa
 Morshu (+Kart) Gwonam (+Kart) Link (+Kart) Zelda (Lights and Cloud Karts
 Wand of Gamelong Sprite Epona Faces of Evil Giutar
 Cartoon The King Cartoon Zelda Cartoon Ganon Dinner The King's Castle
 Computer HD TV Triforce Green Trifcorce (Zelda Cartoon) Purple Triforce (Zelda Cartoon)
 Midna Wolf Link (+Midna)   

Nintendo/Sega Serries: 

 Rouge Chao Chao Emeralds Silver Cream (+Cheese)
 Rildy Team Rocket Brock Misty Super Balls
 Ultra Balls Meowth HotAir Baloon Waddle Dee Waddle Doo  Gordo
 Funky Kong Cranky Kong Tiny Kong Lanky Kong King K Rool
 Dixie Kong Jet the Halk Blaze Daisy May
 Brenden Max Pokeballs Mudkip Family 

 Mr.YTP 's Serries (From my videos and stuff):

 Mr.YTP Mr.YTP (Classic) Ms.YTP Ms.YTP (Classic) Flames
 NF Knight YTP 3 Legendary Spaghettis Spaghetti of Noodles Spaghetti of Hot Sauce
 Spaghetti of Meatballs Green Valley Munf Munf Hero Band PlayRule Magizine YTP Bomb
 Original Mr.YTP Mister WhyTeePee CD-I Halloween Costumes CD-I Halloween Costumes 2 Ghosts and Pumpkin 
 Santa King Witch Zelda Oni Link (YTPHC2) Goron Morshu Scream Ganon
 Clown Gwonam Witch Impa Mime Gwonam Ghost Face Mario Shadow Mario (YTPHC2)
 Weegee Luigi Bloody Marry Peach Shadow Queen  Peach King Koopa Bowser Ninja Turtle Bowser
 Mr.L (YTPHC2) Malleo Super Mario Diasy Toadstool (YTPHC2) Bowser King Koopa Boshi (YTPHC2)
 Toadsworth (YTPHC2)    

 Cartoon Serries:

 Mr.Krabs Sandy Cheeks PlanktonMini Squid  Ms.Puff
 Mystery Snitzel Ms. Endive Panini Gazpacho
 Trufles Dal Kimchi Captain K'Nickles Bubbie Peppermint Larry
 Dr. Barber Eight-Armed Willy Jimmy John Plank
 Kevin Nazz Rolf Sarah The Kanker Sisters


Billy Mays Vince Offer Vince Offer (Jacked up by Proctitued) Shamwow Slapchop
 Freddy's Mom Sam Freddy Spencer Icarly
 Carly DS DSi Wii Dramatic Chipmunk
 Pal DW Buster Arthur Blinky
 Angry German Kid Dora the Expoler Boots Swiper Map
 Backpack Ms.Pacman Blinky Inky Clyde
 Pinky Spooky Pac Jr. Proffencer Pac Dr.Rabbit's Hot-Air Balloon
 Philip's CD-I    

 Smash Bros Serries:

 Game Mario Game Luigi Game Peach Game BowserGame Donkey Kong 
 Game Diddiy Kong Game Yoshi Game Wario Game Link Game Zelda
 Shiek Ganondorf Toon Link Game Samus Brawl Zero-Suit Samus
 Ice Climbers R.O.B. Game Kirby Brawl Meta Knight Brawl King Dedede
 Olimar Fox Falco Wolf Game Captain Falcon
 Game Pikachu Brawl Pokemon Trainer Game Lucario Game Jigglypuff Marth
 Ike Ness Lucas Game Mr.Game & Watch Brawl Snake
 Brawl Sonic Dr.Mario Melee Pichu Melee Mewtwo Young Link

Naurto/Dragon Ball Serries:


 Gaara Kankuro Temari Kakashi Orochimaru
 Akatsuki Iruka Konohamru Nine Tail Demon Fox Rock Lee
 Bulma Piccolo Goham Trunks Young Goku
 Fieza Cell Chi Chi Master Roshi Pan
 Dragon King Kai Yajirobe  



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