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Snake Codecs  


In the Shadow Moses Island stage,Snake has asecert taunt,repeatedly press the taunt botton with snake and he will call Mei Ling,Otacon,Colonel and sometimes a specail guest,and they will talk about others fight,snake gaining info on other foes,if he gets KOed while doing a codec the character he is talking to will say,Snake?Snake?Snaaaaaaaaake!!!!!

Sponge Chats


Spongebob,Patrick and or Squidward can have a connversation with the background specail guest characters in the Bikini Bottum stage by repeatdly pressing the taunt bottons.Here is what they say:


Spongebob:*Laughs*Hi guys!!!

Sandy:Hey spongedude!!!


Mr.Krabs:Hey Boy!!Why aren't you working for me at the Krusty Krab right now cooking up some Kraby Patties!?

Spongebob:Its my vacation day!!Remeber?

Mr.Krabs:Why would i give you a vocation?????!! said I can only get one vaction day per year!!!So im using it now to Clash!! better take the "Clashers" to the Krusty Krab after for some Kraby patties!!!I'll be rich!!!


Sandy:Spongebob!!I hope you are using all of the Karite tricks I taught you!!!

Spongebob:I sure am!!!Im kicking but with them!!Thanks for teaching them to me!!!*Laughs*

Spongebob:Enough chating!!!Bye!!!

Mr.Krabs:Bye!!!Dont forget about our deal!

Sandy:Bye!!!Good Luck!!



Sandy:Go Patrick!!!!

Patirkc:Ughhhhh...Hi Sandy!!!


Patrick:Hi Gary!!!Hi Mr.K!!!

Sandy:Having fun Clashing??

Patrick:Yeah!!But it hurts!!!!!!Ouch!!

Sandy:Im cheering for you patrick!!!If you win I will buy Krabby Patties!


Mr.Krabs:*Laughs*Hey guys! (Talking to other fighters) come over for some Kraby Patties after the Clash!!!They are oh so good!!!



Squidward:What a waist of time.


Squidward:"Clashing" is just boring..I dont see why every nub here fighting me likes "Clashing" so much,I only signed up to Clash because they said they'd pay me,but loser couldnt find the tallent in me so they just made me an expansion character.

Sandy:Thats to bad...

Gary:*Hisses at Squidward*

Squidward:Shut that snail up!!!!

Sandy:Dont be so harsh on Gary!!!He is a small and cute snail!!!*Pets gary*

Gary:*Pers at Sandy*

Squidward:What ever losers.

Kirby Hats

When kirby sucks in a foe with B he can use that person's B attack and he wiil have a costume of that character!Here are the sostumes!


Mudkip:He will have its checks.

Duke Onkled:He will have his crown.

Koopa Football Player:He will have his helmet.

Mayor:He will have his hair.

Koopa Wizard:He will have his glasses and hat.

Baby Yoshi:He will have a hat of baby yoshi's head.

Charizard:He will have its wings.

Ivysaur:He will have a blulb on his head.

Squirtle:He will have its tail.

Fire Sumo:He will have his spike on its head.

Meta Knight:He will have his mask and cape.

Snake:He will have a beard and side burns and the thing around his head.

Samus:He will have her helmet.

Zero Suit Samus:He will have her pony tail.

Redlime Sonic:He will have his hair and ears.

Mauigi2:He will have his hair.

Diddy Kong:He will have his hat.

Grounder:He will have his nose,eyes and his antana.

M.Bison:He will have his cap.

Malleo:He will have his hat.

Shadow:He will have his hair.

Coconuts:He will have his light bulb on top of his head.

Patrick:He will have his shorts and pink dots all over his body.

Piplup:He will have its beak.

Flappjack:He will have his hair and sailor hat.

Jigglypuff:He will have its hair.

Ed:He will have his unibrow and his short hair.

Edd:He will have his wig.

Eddy:He will have his 3 long hairs.

Amy Rose:He will have her hair.

Waluigi:He will have his cap.

Daisy:He will have her crown.

Ryu:He will have his gloves,belt and the red thingy Ryu has on his head.

Megaman:He will have his helmet and arm canon thingy on his hand.

Lucario:He will have his ears and heir.

Dixie Kong:He will have her hat and pony tail.

Sasuke:He will have his hair and his head band thingy.

Ms.YTP:He will have her hair and the flower thats on her hair.

Mr.Mobile (Mobile Version):His will have his bacl body and his eyes.

Banjo (Arcade Version):He will have his ears,his necklace,his shorts and his backpack.

Zelda Serries

The King:He will have his hair,beard and mustache.

Link:He will have his hood.

Zelda:He will have her hair.

Morshu:He will have his hat and mustache.

Gwonam:He will have his hat.

Impa:He will have her hair.

Cartoon Link:He will have his dark green hat.

Ganon:He will have his face!

Paper King:He will have his beared and mustache.

Mario Characters

Mario:He will have his cap.

Luigi:He will have his cap.

Peach:He will have her hair,ear rings and crown.

Bowser:He will have his hair and horns.

Toad:He will have his mushroom hat.

Weegee:He will have his hat.

Birdo:He will have her bow.

Wario:He will have his cap (Normal Overal) or he will have his biker helmet (Biker Suit).

Super Mario World Characters

Yoshi:He will have a hat of yoshi's head.

Mama Luigi:He will have his cap.

Princss Toadstool:He will have her crown and hair.

Super Mario:He will have his cap.

King Koopa:He will have his horns and crown.

Oogtar:He will have his hair.

Nintendo Characters

Pikachu:He will have his ears and tail.

DK:He will have a hairy brown costume with a DK tie.

King Dedede:He will have his hood.

Sonic Characters

Sonic:He will have his hair and ears.

Tails:He will have his ears and tails.

Dr.Robotnik:He will have his nose and mustache.

Knuckles:He will have his hair.

Scratch:He will have his beak,his red thing under his beak and on top of his head.


Mii:He will have your mii's hair!And glasses and beared/mustache if avaible.

Mr.YTP:He will have his eyebrows,YTP logo and bomb string.

Spongebob Squarepants:He will have his holes around him and his clothes.

Pacman:He will have his hat,shoes and gloves.

Giant Enemy Crab:He will have his eye and claws.

Chowder:He will have his hat. 

George Volcano:He will have a costume of him.

Dr.Rabbit:He will have his rabbit ears.

Rick Astley:He will have his hair.

Goku:He will have his hair.

Dora:He will have er hair and Backpack.

Naruto:He will have his head band thingy and his hair.

Vegeta:He will have his hair.

King Leonidas:He will have his hair and cape.

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