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Wow....i cant believe what hackers are doing to Super Smash Bros. stages....all sorts of unbelievable hacks.....looks like now they started hacking Clash???I post videos of brawl hacks for you to get an idea on Clash hacks ;)



Color hacks...simple hacks...

But in Brawl....hackers have done the unblievable...slNYjqKZprU

 .....FITTING A WHOLE DAMN MARIO KART WII COURSE AS A custom moves/animations.

 Sherbet Land as a stage,plus 6 playable characters at once with playable assist trophies,Rosalina and Doopliss.



Wow...this Goku in brawl hack is one of the most AMAZINGEST hacks i ever seen in Brawl....doesnt even look like Brawl anymore...... kinda looks like....WTF CLASH!!!!But of course this hack is still being finished.

Looks like there are hacked characters in Clash too....

Ahhhh Petey,Dry Bones,Stalfo and Rouge as hacked new characters with their very own movesets and final smash!!!!In twilight house from Mario Kart Wii.

 Hmmmm....color hacks,custom animations,hacked stage,custom hacked boss and size modifier (Change character sizes.)!!!

Wow not even close to have of the hacks people have made.Of course there are also old/basic hacks like moveswamps etc.


 Hmmm..another hacked stage...but where can this be at????? :3



Aren't hacks just amazing??? (Ummm im a hacker too so all I can say is............OMFG AMAZING!!!Though i dont make hacks i just use hacks people make :D)

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