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Events are back again!

Here are how the events are:

 Event #/Name Info StockCharacter Stage/Music #


Every Expansion Character comes with his/her own event!In some events you can play with 2 players!


Level 1

 1)Two Trouble Kings The King Joined Forces with the Koopa King!KO Both! 2 (P1)Mario (P2) Link Battle Field 2.0 (1) 
 2)Gwonam's X3 3 Gwonams!?KO all! 1 Yor Choice Balcony (21)
 3)Super Mario Bros KO Mario and Luigi! 2 (P1)King (2)Link Mushroom Field (65)
 4)Butt Father! The King doesnt want to buy Zelda a new DSi!Ko him! 2 Zelda The King's Castle (57)
 5)Wild Pokemon! Ash found a Muskip!Battle Him! 3 (P1)Squitle (P2) Ivysaur Dome City (49)
 6)Falcon Fake! Kirby copied Captain Falcon!KO him!!!!!! 2 Captain Falcon Aero Drive (101)
 7)Munf Munf Hero You vs the Munf Munf Hero Band (Zelda,Link,The King,Gwonam) Your Chioce Munf Munf Hero Stage (63)
 8)Suit Change Snake has fallen in love with ZSS!She thinks its anoying!Get the smashball to turn back to Samus!She doesnt want to hurt him! 0 Zero Suit Samus Brinstar (79)
 9)King of the Jungle Finish level F-3 from the adventure mode with DK under 5 mins! 1 (P1)DK (P2)DDK F-3 (73)
 10)All Star Clash 1 KO Mario,Luigi,Toad,Bowser,Peach and Yoshi! (U)3(CPU)1 Your Choice Mushroom field(14)

Level 2

 11)The Legend of spaghetti Get all the 3 peices of the legendary spaghettis b4  luigi does! 0 LinkFinal Destination (16) 
 12)Super Princess Clash Giant Zelda vs Giant Peach 2 Zelda Battle field 2.0 (76)
 13)Super Yoshi Wolrd KO 10 yoshis and 10 baby yoshis. 1 Your Choice Dome City (30)
 14)Football!!! KO the koopa football team!(20 Koopa FB Players) 1 Your Choice Football Stadium (28)
 15)Dark Hero KO dark link! Link On top of the kings castle (24)
 16)Mario and Sonic in the Clash Games 1 Beat sonic in the target smashers game mode. 0 Mario Battle Field 2.0 (5)
 17)Speedin Hedgehog Make 2 laps in level C-4 in the roller coster under 6 mins! 0 Sonic C-4 (F)
 18)Super Tails Tiny you vs gaint Tails! (U)3 (CPU) 1 Your Choice Green Hill Zone (72)
 19)Tri Jacker Meta Knight Hijacked Impa's Triforce!KO him! (Cant use any movesets and Fs!) 1 Impa Outside The King's Castle (22)
 20)All Star Clash 2 KO The King,Link,Gwonam,zelda,Morshu and Impa! (U) 3 (CPU) 1 Your Choice Outside the king's Castle (21)

Level 3


 21)Fungas Attack KO 25 tinny Toads.1 (P1/2) Toad Mountain Bridge (17)
 22)Pokemon Battle KO pikachu with Ash,by only using pokeballs! (U)1(CPU)3 Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Stadium (50)
 23)Puff Balls Unite! KO 3 gaint Kirbys. (U)3(CPU)1 Meta Knight Green Greens (100)
 24)King of the Jungle! KO a super gaint (Like if he got a super mushroom as gaint) DK! (U)3(CPU)1 Diddy Kong Jungle Japes (157)
 25)His World Welcome to Mr.YTP's World!KO 50 Fighting Alloys under a min. 1 Mr.YTP Battle Field 2.0 (4)
 26)Twin Clash Redlime Sonic Vs. Sonic 2 Redlime Sonic Battle Arena Stage (64)
 27)Stuck in the Deserted Island Maruigi2 is stuck in the Tropical Bizzare Beach,then...enemies (From the adventure mode) appear!Defeat 50 of them! 1 Maruigi2 Tropical Bizzare Beach(87)
 28)Mii Clash KO all of you 100r Miis from ur Mii plaza!!! (Dont have 100,then the miis will fight more than once) (U)3(CPU)1 Your Choice Practice Stage (128)
 29)Pooper Unite! Mr.YTP,Redlime Sonic and Maruigi2 joined forces to defeat you!!!! (U)3(CPU)1 Your Choice Poop Stadium (128)
 30)All Star Clash 3 Defeat:DK,Diddy Kong,Pikachu,Samus,Zero Suit Samus and Kirby. (U)3(CPU)1 Your Choice Battle Field (5)


Level 4


 31)Luigi Clash 1 Gay Luigi vs Mama Luigi!! 3 Gay Luigi Mama Luigi's Yard (59)
 32)Cartoon Link's Dark Side KO dark cartoon link!!! 2 Cartoon Link Hyrule Castle (117)
 33)Super Luigi Bros Bowser has kidnapped peach again!!Stop that evil koopa! 3 (P1) Luigi (P2) Mario King Koopa's Castle (40)
 34)Pac-Mania So many tiny pacmen!!Ko 100!!! 1 Your Choice Maze (130)
 35)Pengas Clash KO a gaint Robotnik!While using Robotnik! 3 Dr.Robotnik Green Hill Zone (90)
 36)2 Samuses? Ther are 2 samus!?No!!The Suit Samus is a fake!KO the fake! 2 0Suit Samus Brinstar (93)
 37)Spongebob Clashpants Spongebob is back!And he is up for a clash!KO him! 1 Your Choice 122 Conch Street (122)
 38)Clash for the Mansion Gay Luigi Vs. Mama Luigi vs Super Weegee!Who wins the boo mansion? 3 Weegee Weegee's Mansion (95) 
 39)A Run Though Angle Island Finish LV C-3,Angle Island from the adventure mode under 5 mins! 0 Knuckles (C-3) (73)
 40)All Star Clash 4 Defeat:Mayor K.,Koopa Football Player,Koopa wizard,Baby Yoshi,Fire Sumo. (U)3(CPU)1 Your Choice Poop Stadium (30)


Level 5


 41)Pacman Returns Pacman retruns to the Smash Poop Project and he is better than ever!KO him!! 1 Mr.YTPMaze (130) 
 42)Staring Contest! The match of a life time!!!Malleo Vs. Weegee!!!!!KO Malleo!!!! 2 Weegee Weegee's Lair (97)
 43)Betraded Scratch,Gounder and Coconuts have betraded Robotnik!!KO them!!!! 2 Dr.Robotnik Sonic Sez Stage (149)
 44)It Burnz Ganon kidnapped Zelda and The King!!Link must save them!!!KO Ganon!!! 3 Link Ganons Lair (166)
 45)All Star Clash 5 KO:Snake,Meta Night,Squirtle,Ivysaur and Charimander. (U)3(CPU)1 Your Choice Pokemon Stadium 2 (105)
 56)Crab Attack Ko a Giant Giant Enemy Crab it invated New Angeles!!!!(As if it got a super mushroom while already big) (U)3 (CPU)3 (P1)Mr.YTP (P2)Maruigi2 New Angels (155)
 46)Love Bites Yoshi and Birdo broke up!!!!KO Yoshi!!!He cant get over it! 2 Birdo Birdo's Waterfall (161)
 47)King of Koopas King Koopa and Bowser has teamed up!!KO them!!! 1 Giga Bowser (From Ultra Clash) Kin Koopa's Castle (40)
 48)Krusty Krabs 50 Giant Enemy Crabs invated the Krusty Crabs!!!KO under 2 mins or else Mr.Krabs will fire you!!! 1 (P1)Spongebob (P2)Patrick The Krusty Krab (120)
 49)Mario Clash KO:Mario,Super Mario and Malleo!!! 2 Your Choice   Mushroom Field (13)
 50)All tar Clash 6 KO:Redlime Sonic,Maruigi2,Mr.YTP,Mama Luigi,Dr. Robotnik and Grounder.


 Your Choice New Angeles (153)


Level 6


 51)It Burnzzzzz!!! Enemies have invated Ganons lair!!!KO them all! (100) 1Ganon Ganon's Lair (167) 
 52)The Ultimit Life Form KO Shaow before he gets his final smash! 1 (P1)Sonic (P2)Redlime Sonic Final Destination [SSPB] (77)
 53)King Vs King The King Vs. King Dedede. 3 King Dedede Outside the King's Castle (21)
 54)Bubbie's Love Bubbie the Whale (From Weast Sea Stage) wants a boyfriend,Pokeballs will appear and appear,to win you must summon Wailmer!Bubbie's lover! 1 (P1)Flapjack (P2) ChowderWeast Sea (174)
 55)All Star clash 7 Cartoon Link,Princess toadstool,Spongebob,Knuckles, Pacman, Weegee,Malleo and Scratch. (U)3 (CPU)1 Your Choice Clash Training Room (173)
 56)The Great Pokemon Clash Dawn (Piplup) Vs Ash (Charizard,Ivysaur,Squirtle) 1 Piplup Pokemon Staduim 2 (45)
 57)Water Starter Clash Defeat all 3 playable starter water type pokemon:Squirtle,Mudkip and Piplup. (U)3 (CPU)1 Your Choice Pokemon Staduim (50)
 58)Cave Dudes Defeat 60 Oogtars. 1 (P1)Yoshi (P2)Baby Yoshi Dinosaur World (?)
 59)The Perfect Couple KO giant Jigglypuff and gaint Kirby. 3 Your Choice Green Greens (102)
 60)All Star Clash 8 KO:Ganon,Giant Enemy Crab,Super Mario,Shadow,Coconuts,King Koopa,Patrick and Birdo. (U)3 (CPU)1 Your Choice Ganons Lair (170)



Level 7


 61)Volcanic Clash KO 3 Giant George Volcanos!!! (CPU)1 (U)5 Your Choice  Giant Enemy Crab Island (200) 
 62)Mr.Clash Mr.Game and Watch Vs. Mr.YTP. 3 Mr.YTP Flat Zone (104)
 63)Ed Edd and Eddy KO Ed,Edd and Eddy. 1 Your Choice Final Destination Brawl (77)
 64)Time for a Check Up! Flapjacks time to go to the dentist!But he has been eating so much candy,he needs braceses!KO the dentist!Dr.Rabbit! 3 (P1)Flapjack (P2) Chowder Hot Air Ballon (178)
 65)All Star Clash 9 KO:Paper King,King Dedede,Oogtar,Piplup,Chowder,Flapjack Goerge Volcano,Mr.Game and Watch and Jigglypuff. (CPU)1 (U) 3 Your Choice Flat Zone (104)
 66)Rick Roll KO Rick Astley before he gets his final smash and Rick Rolls you! 1 Your Choice Munf Munf Hero Stage (135)
 67)Super Wario Bros KO Wario and Waluigi! 3 Your Choice Mushroom Kingdom (I)
 68)Super Mario Land Beat Daisy to the finish in the bonus adventure mode level,Super Mario Land. 1 Mario Super Mario Land (61)
 69)Girl Fight! KO all of Clash's chicks!:Zelda,Peach,Impa,Samus,ZSS,Princess Toadstool,Birdo,Dawn (Piplup),Jigglypuff,Amy Rose,Daisy,Dora and Mrs.YTP. 1 Your Choice Paper Battle Stage (190)
 70)All Star Clash 10 KO:Ed,Edd,Eddy,Dr.Rabbit,Rick Astley,Wario,Waluigi,Daisy and Amy Rose. (CPU)1 (U)3 Your Choice Paper Battle Stage (190)



Level 8

 71)Mokney Clash KO:Donkey Kong,Dixie Kong,Diddy Kong,and Coconuts. 1Dora and Boots Kongle Jungle (160) 
 72)Anime Clash! Dragon Ball Vs. Naruto (Naruto and Sasuke) 2 (P1)Goku (P2)Vegeta Tournament Stage (202)
 73)I want it!! Ash wants to ccatch a wild Lucario!!!But weaken it first!!! (Stamina Clash) 1 (P1)Ash (P2)Dawn Mushroom Trail(49)
 74)A Honeymoon Gone Wrong! Mr. and Ms. YTP's honey moon has gone completly wrong!!!!KO Mr.YTP!!! 3 Ms.YTP Delfino Plaza (65)
 75)This is Madness! KO a giant King Leonidas under 1 min! 1 (P1/2)Your Choice Bridge of Eldin (24)
 76)Mega Clash Who has the best arm canon?Samus or Megaman?KO Megaman!!!!! 2 (P1)Samus (P2)Zamus Brinstar (96)
 77)King's Challenge  Challenge:KO 150 Multiman Clashers under 5 mins. 1 Your Choice Battlefield 2.0 (1)
 78)Mario's Challenge Challenge:Defeat Giga Bowser!!!!! 1 Your Choice Melee Final Destination (172)
 80)Final All Star Clash KO:Ryu,Goku,Megaman,Lucario,Dora,Dixie Kong,Naruto,Vegeta,King Leonidas,Sasuke and Ms.YTP. (U)3 (CPU)1 Your Choice Pokemon Stadium (225)
 81)The Final Battle!!! KO Master Hand and Crazy!!!! (Intense Level) 1(P1/2) Your Choice Brawl Final Destination (77)
 82)The REAL Final Battle!!! KO Tabuu!!! (Intense Level) (U)3 (CPU)1(P1/2) Your Choice Clash Final Destination (76)

Super Smash Poop Brawl's Returning Events (Level 1)

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 B #1)Link Saves the Day! Defeat Ganon with Link! 1 Link Ganon's Lair (117)
 B #3)Love Sick Sonic Sonic touched Peach unaporperaly!Use Mario to knock the crap off of him! 2 Mario Sonic Sez Stage (149)
 B #9)Assist Me! Defeat all of the Multimen with Assit Trophies only. 1 Ur Choice Battle Field (109)
 B #14)The Shop Defeat Morhsu the Shop Keeper with only items. 1 Ur Choice Morhsu's Shop (?)
 B #28)Aprentice Battle Defeat Flapjack with Chowder. 3 Chowder Weast Sea (175)

Super Smash Poop Brawl's Returning Events (Level 2)


 B #38)Weegee Invasion Evil Weegees are gonna rule the world!!!KO 50!!1Ur Choice Weegees Mansion (96) 
 B #41)The Three Amigos KO Sonic,Tails and Knuckles.3 Ur Choice Sonic Sez Stage (71)
 B #42)Volcano Panic KO a giant Goerge Volcano under 30 seconds!!! Ur Coice Brawl Final Destination (77)
 B #51)One Pissed of Zelda Zelda has enough being treated like a little kid and snaps!Defeat:Link,Gwonam,The King,Impa,Cartoon Link,Morshu and Ganon with 1 life! (~By Maruigi2) Zelda Balcony (57)
 B #58)Bomb Dodongo Find a Dodongo inside an Assist Trophy then bomb it with Links Bombs! 1 Link On Top of the Kings Castle (21)


Super Smash Poop Brawl's Returning Events (Level 3)

 B #62)Mini Enemy Crab Invation KO 100 mini sized Giant Enemy Crabs!!! 1 Ur Choice Giant Enemy Crab Island (200)
 B #64)102 Mr.YTPs Defeat 101 Mr.YTPs under 3 mins! 1 Mr.YTP Paper Battle Stage (190)
 B #66)Monkey KOer KO Boots,but not Dora. 1 Ur Choice Delfino Plaza (66)
 B #Wario Ware Win 3 micro games in the Wario Ware INC. stage and KO Wario too! 1 Ur Choice Wario Ware INC. (181)
 B #71)The Final Event KO a giant Mr.YTP! 3 Ur Choice Brawl Final Destination (76)

Super Smash Poop Melee's Returning Events (Level 1)

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 M #1)Kart Dodger Dodge the Karts in King's Circuts without jumping for 1 minute! 1 The King King Circut (144)
 M #2)Dino Attack KO 25 yoshis in the Under Ground Lava River Stage. 1 Ur Choice Underground Lava River (58)
 M #8)Bower Vs. Ganon KO Ganon! 2 Bowser Battle Field SSPM (8)
 M #12)The Power of the Triforce KO Link.Zelda and Ganon. 3 The King Hyrule Castle (119)
 M #13)Giant Mama KO a giant Mama Luigi! 1 Yoshi Yoshi's Dome (?)


Super Smash Poop Melee's Returnings Events (Level 2)


 M #16)Love Birds KO 3 Birdos with Yoshi. 1 Yoshi Birdos Waterfall (161)
 M #18)Best Day Ever KO 25 Spongebobs! 1 Spongebob 122 Conch Street (210)
 M #21)Kirby Army KO a army of 30 Kirbies! (Each has a Character Costume of all of the playable SSPM characters) 1 Ur Choice Dream Land (100)
 M #23)King of the Jungle KO a giant Donkey Kong! (U)3 (CPU)1 DK Jungle Japes (157)
 M #26)King Fight KO The King,King Koopa and King Dedede. (CPU)1(U)3 Ur Choice Melee Final Destination (78)


Super Smash Poop Melee's Returning Events (Level 3)

 M #29)Super Mario Bros. 2 KO the Cast of Super Mario Bros. 2! (Super Mario,Mama Luigi,Princess Toadstool,Toad and Birdo)Ur Choice  Birdo's Waterfall (161)
 M #31)Datesome Troubles Zelda likes Cartoon Link,that makes Link Jelous!!KO Cartoon Link!1 Link Hyrule Castle (117)
 M #32)Princess Battle KO:Peach,Zelda and Princess Toadstool.1 Ur Choice Melee Battlefield (6)
 M #34)Melee Battle 5 KO:King Dedede,Princess Toadstool,DK,Birdo and Cartoon Link! (U)3(CPU)1 Ur Choice Melee Battlefield (8)
 M #35)Final Destination KO Giga Kingman and The King. (U)3(CPU)1 Ur Choice Melee Final Destinatio (78)

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