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Ds Version

Clash has a Ds Version?No way!!!Clash on the go! :D

There is the Box Art,I remade it to look WAAAYYYY better :).


Just like in Super Smash Poop Ds,Clash Ds has a host!:Mr.YTP!

If you dont get this "Host Thing" this is how it is:   


The Ds version of Clash is basicly the same as the wii version!As in matter in fact,it is the same!!!But with a bit of differentces:

In order to download Expansion Stuff into your Ds game,here is how to do it:

1)If you has a Ds:Go to the Add menu and download it from your Dojo Channel on your wii!(The add menusis different in the Ds version,its only for downloading expansion stuff,Miis as playable charactersand your custom characters into the Ds Clash and to download stage builder stages into it too)(With SD Card {For Dsi owners only for Stage Builder Stages},Wii {For Miis,Expansion Characters,Miis and your Custom Characters and also stage builder stages} or another Ds/DSi {For stage builder stages}

2)If you have a Dsi go to the DSi Shop and go to Dsi ware and there should be a specail place for Clash there (With Game inside Dsi only)and you can buy expansion Stags,Characters,Assist Trophies/Pokemon and Items!

This is one of the largets games for the Ds!!!!


Controlls-Sence there has never been a SSB game a the DS nobody might know about the controlls-

A)Standard Attacks

B)Specail Attacks.

Y) Use FS 

X)Get/Throw Item

Select)Taunt (Yuor character will randomly do one of their four taunts)

Start) Pause/Options

L) Shield/Grab

R) Jump

Touch Screen)Touch it and the screens will switch possitions And of cousre you move,jump and duck with the left bottons.You can eve change the controlls to how you want them in the game.

Mission Mode

This is a super new game mode only for the Ds Version of Super Smash Poop Clash!So this isnt in the Wii version :( Its in Solo for the Ds version!

In this mode you have to finish 6 missions before the time runs out!!!Here they are:

Mission 1:Ko Foe-KO the random foe that will appear with no items and with only one stock to continue!(After this ission your HP% will be dropped down to 0%)

Mission 2:Target Smasher-Targets will appear and fly all over the stage!!Distroy them to earn points:Blue Target:10 Points
Green Target:15 Points
Yellow Target:20 Points
Orange Targets:25 Points
Red Targets:30 Points  Get a total of 1000 (50 points added per difficulty) points to continue!!

Mission 3:Balloon Popper-Balloons will appear and float up!!Pop them to earn points:Red Balloons=1 Point
Blue Balloons=3 Points
Green Balloons=5 Points
Golden Balloons=6 Points
Black Balloons=Random Points (0-6) Get a total of 200 (30 points added per Difficulty) points to continue!

Mission 4:Enemy Distroyer-Enemies from the Adventure Mode will appear everywhere!!!KO 65 (15 more to KO added per difficulty) to continue to the next mission!!!

Mission 5:Multi-Man Clash-Fighting Alloys will appear everywhere on stage!!!KO 80 (20 more to KO added per Difficulty) to continue to the final mission!!!(After this ission your HP% will be dropped down to 0%)

Mission 6:Kingman Battle-Kingman,the final battle of the Classic Mode will appear on stage!!KO him!!His HP is 200!!(50% HP add per Difficulty)

Those are the missions!!You dont win anything if you finish all,this is just for training!!!This is good for training for power,speed and techniques!You have 5 mins to complete all 6 misons!!1 min. added to that per difficulty,(Very Easy,Normal,Hard,Intense)This is only for one players!!!You can pick any stage to play this mode on!!You can even choose your Expansion Stages!!!You only have one life and no items can be used on this Mode!If you get KOed in this mode you can still continue but you will lose the following seconds:Very Easy,Easy= -15 Seconds,Normal= -22 Seconds Hard,Intence= - 30 Seconds.



Ds Clash has some specail unlockables!

Flames the Ghost as Host:Unlock all the characters!

Ms.YTP as Host:Unlock all of the stages.

Maruigi2:Have the game on with a combined time of 10 hours.

Redlime Sonic as Host:Have a toltal of 200 trophies.

Clasic Mr.YTP as Host:Unlock all of the Super Smash Poop Brawl Stages.

Classic Ms.YTP as Host:Unlock all of the Super Smash Poop Melee Stages.

Weegee as Host:Have a total of 10 or more expansion characters on your roster!

To change the host go to options to change them!

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