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Clash HD


Whats Clash HD?Its a new version of Clash,basicly it now comes with HD quality!!!And it has a new logo built into the game too :) But it comes with two free things (Only for Wii):


This is a Clash Expansion Card (AKA Clash SD Card),whats it for?Its used to store your expansion updates in it,so that you have more free space on your wii,this is also for the Dsi owners with the Ds Clash,so that if you have both versions,Wii and Ds versions,and if you download a character etc. to the Dsi shop into Clash,you wont be able to play as that character in the Wii version,unless you rebuy it but now on the wii (Vise-Versa)X_x (Waist of money!) So with this card if you download a expansion from the Dsi shop,and save it to the Clash Expansion Card,you can play with that same character in the Wii versionby using the card. (I hope that didnt confuse you :s)

 Clash HD also comes with this,a SD Card flash drive reader,so that if your already using a SD card on your wii,just add your Clash Expansion Card into it,and add it to the back of your wii were the flash drive slots are. (And no you cant save expansions into SD Cards,only with the Clash Expansion Card,and the Clash SD Card cant be accessed threw computers,its locked!!!! >=) )

And here are the differences of the new quality and the original quality:


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