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Arcade Version

Clash also has a new Arcade Version!!!You can play it in your favorite arcade now!Though its not the full game...Play it,its only 6 tokens.It comes with a bran new character and a brand new stage that is only for the Arcade Version!Who is it?Scroll down to find out!

Game Modes

The Arcade Version only has a few modes....

Normal Clash>Clash     Specail Clash (Balloon Pop     Target Smashers     Ring Master     Score Battle     Coin Clash     Super Slots     Rupee Catchers     Enemy Invasion)

HP Clash>Clash     Specail Clash (Balloon Pop     Target Smashers     Ring Master     Score Battle     Coin Clash     Super Slots     Rupee Catchers     Enemy Invasion)

Classic Mode

Classic Tournament


The Gameplay of the Arcade Clash is very similar to the original Wii Version of Clash.With Normal Clash you fight with % Metors,and with HP Clash,you fight with HP Bars,just like in the Classic Tournament Mode.In Normal/HP Clash,after you select your character,you have to choice how long the clash is going to be,it can be 5 to 10 minutes long,after the clash is over,you cna still play,but you have to insert 6 more tokens to play again,same as for the Classic Mode and for the Classic Tournament Mode,and there is no pausing to stroll around with the camera to take a snapshot or anything like that in the arcade clash.


 Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Toad
 The King Link Zelda Gwonam Ganon
 Impa Morshu Mama Luigi Yoshi Duke Onkled
 Captain Falcon M.Bison Mudkip Dr.Rabbit Koopa Football Player
 Fire Sumo Koopa Wizard Sonic Tails Dr.Robotnik
 Knuckles Sratch Grounder Coconuts Pacman
 Mr.YTP Redlime Sonic Maruigi2 Donkey Kong Kirby
 Samus/ZZS Kirby Meta Knight King Dedede Snake
 Pikachu Songebob Weegee Malleo Shadow
 Patrick Mr.G&W Chowder Flappjack Banjo-Kazooie (NEW)


Each stage only has one song.

 Gran Canyon:Battlefield 2.0 Gerudo Desert:Hyrule RoadMushroom Kingdom:Mushroom Field  Hyrule:Inside the Kings Castle Inside King Koopa's Castle:Football Stadium
 Mushroom Kingdom:Outside the Mushroom Gate Hyrule:On Top of the Kings Castle (SSPB) Dinosaur World:Underground Lava River (SSPM) Robotnik Game Boy:Robotnik Land Hyrule:Munf Munf Hero Stage
 The Great Sea:The King's Ship Dinosaur World:Dome City (SSPB) Green Hill Zone Milkyway Galaxy:Final Destination Planet Zebes:Brinstar
 Kanto:Pokemon Stadium Safron City Hyrule:Great Temple Battlefield (SSPB/M) Final Destination (SSPB/M)
 Dinosaur World:Skies Bikini Bottom:The Krusty Krab (SSPM) Harkinian GP:King Circuit (SSPM) Mushroom Kingdom:Mushroom Trail (SSPB) Sonic Sez Stage (SSPM)
 Kongo Jungle:Jungle Japes (SSPM) Super Flat World:Flat Zone Weast Sea Mazipan City Mushroom Kingdom (EX)
 NEW Mushroom Kingdom (EX) Spiral Mountain (NEW)   

Items,Assist Trophies,Pokemon

All of the Wii/Ds Items,Assist Trophies and Pokeon return to the Arcade Version!


Banjo and Kazooie first appeared in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie for the N64,then a few years later they appeared for the GBA,they also appeared in Diddy Kong Racing for the N64.A few years later in 2008,they appeared a new game,but for the XBox 360,they left Nintendo and joined Microsoft.These 2 are only for the Arcade Version of Clash.







Specail Entery:Kazooie the bird flies Banjo into the stage.

Taunt:(Each Character only has one taunt in the arcade clash)Kazooie pecks Banjo on his head and he punches Kazooie.

Banjo-Kazooie's Moves

B:Kazooie Gun-He uses Kazooie as a gun,and Kazooie shots a egg from her mouth.(15%)

B Side:Rat-A-Tat-Rap-Kazooie will attack with her beeck.(17%)This backs shields.

B Down:BackPack-Banjo will slam his backpack into the ground.(14%)

B Up:Fly-Kazooie will fly Banjo up.

Banjo-Kazooie's Final Smash:Mumbo's Dino

Banjo's friend,Mumbo Jumbo the Witch Doctor,is always transforming Banjo into different forms,in Clash,use Banjo's FS and Mumbo will appear and he will transform Banjo into a T-Rex.Press A to attack with his claws (24%) and B to roar!(27%)He wont get hurt by nothing like this!After 15 seconds,Mumbo's magic fails,and T-Rex Banjo turns back to normal.

Spiral Mountain

This is Banjo's and Kazooie's new home stage only for the arcade clash,this stage is in front of the evil witch,Grunty's Lair.the platforms on the left and right move up and down.Here is the stage's main theme:



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