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E3 2010 (6/18/10)

Posted by Mr.YTP on June 18, 2010 at 3:39 PM

While Mario Sports Mix,Donkey Kong Country Returns,Zelda:Skyward Sword,Mario Kart 3Ds,Paper Mario 3Ds,Zelda:Ocarina of Time 3Ds,Kid Icarus Wii and other koool new games have been shown at the E3 2010 at Los Angeles (Lulz thats were i am right now,im at LA for a week),one is yet to be anounced.....Super Smash Poop 4,i dicided not to make a trailer for it,but i thought making a trailer on the E3 day this past week would be a exalent idea,i deceded not to,SSP4 is almost here,the site will be up and running hopefuly in 1 or 2 weeks,and when im ready,ill be posting the link to the site on this site,the site will be a bit different then the past Smash Poop sites....WAY diferent ;) it will be like Super Smash Poop Melee's site and Super Smash Bros Dojo combined,i have already thought of everything thats gona be in the game,now all thats left for me is to start on everything.


Anyways take a look at the new Link......its like Twilight Princess Link with colorful Wind Waker graphics..... :O




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Reply Mikester
2:59 PM on June 19, 2010 
3DS Looks Awesome nuff said
Reply Mikester
3:12 PM on June 19, 2010 
but srsly the games nintendo showed look awesome[fave being Kirby's Epic Yarn] and cant wait for 3DS to release here in europe


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