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Status of SSP2012

Posted by Mr.YTP on
Will Super Smash Poop 2012 is still in development and wont be finished till next year,i thought i give a little be more new imformation about the new project: (1) Will be avalable for the Wii-U 3Ds and a mini spin off for all iDevices. (Ipone/pod/pad) (2)Every character will not only have 6 color costumes but also 6 specail costumes each with its own color costumes. (Ex:Dr.Mario,Tanooki Mario etc.) (3)The game will have a shop were you can buy different costumes and accesories for characters. (Ex:Different swords/shields for Link etc.) (4)New ways to play such as mirror mode and HP mode. (5)Customize characters even more with costume textures. (6)Stage builder is even better with more custumizations! (7)New type of adventure mode,more Marioish. (8)The projects site will be even more similar to the real Smash Bros Dojo,kinda like the cancled Super Smash Poop Rumble's site but much more organized:

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