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A possible new Smash Poop game 2012

Posted by Mr.YTP on September 18, 2011 at 3:35 AM ***EDIT:Its officail!!A brand new Smash Poop is cooming either late 2011 or early 2012!!Devolopment of the new game is now curently started!!Unfortuantly i can only work on this Friday Saturdays and Sundays but if i can ill work on t on weekdays.The new game is code named "Super Smash Poop Clash 2UHD" ill have up a new yotutube channel showing previews and trailers of the new game in a few weeks.This new game will be for the new Wii U and for the first time it will have a mini spinoff for apple's ipod iphone and ipad with exclusive characters,stages,and many exclusove game modes.This new game will be 3Ds connectable and will feature the past game's many content but updated in nice HQ quality and a few twists!!Thats all for now.*** For anyone who still might not know what has happened to the serries,Rumble has been cancled months ago due to me having no time to be online yet i had TONS of ideas,these past months my life has changed,i might decieded to somedays make a comeback of the SSP serries,not by restarting/continuing Rumble but by remaking Clash onto the new Wii U console (or possibly a 3Ds or IDevice spin off) and adding from Super Smas Poop Brawl,Melee and the canclied Rumble content into it and giving it Rumbles old "Fresh feel",i will try to make it as best as possible and rly try to get a huge audience,please understand that i havent watched YTPs in over 2 years now i rly dont know todays memes etc. So i cant rly make a 100% new game,but remake Clash and mix it with SSP B/M/R for the brand new Wii U.If i do decied on doin this i will make all of the "updates" months before the site is released so that when i start with updating the site the game would have already been finished with,just have to update and not work on it daily then after update.This will take 6-10 months tho but there will posibly be more updates each day.AGAIN this is a possibility not something that will happen.

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