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Super Smash Poop 4 (6/9/10)

Posted by KingofYTPs on June 9, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Clash is about done,i am all dry in ideas,this time for real,but im going to start Super Smash Poop 4 soon....i got some suprises for it,it will have about mabye 6-10 specail guest characters (Non youtube poop characters.)While threre isnt going be much new (just stuff from the past serries).The site will also be much different,it will kinda be as close to what i can get to Super Smash Bros. Dojo....and school just ended for me today,so i'll be working on SSP4 in a few weeks,i cant right now cause my computer has a problem,so i cant work on it now. (Im using my cusins laptop right now,and i cant update from it,cause...well i dont want to give his laptop a virus (Cause i always give mine viruses XD)Still not sure if its gonna be a remake of Super Smash Poop Brawl/Melee or a new serries,and im not sure to make it for the Wiiware,Ds,or Arcade,and i cant fix the new Clash logo error right now for the same reason why i cant start SSP4,so keep on visisting for new info about Super Smash Poop 4. :3

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